Strong Partnership

The seeds of our Workday-exclusive partnership were planted long ago – over two decades and two generations of companies. As such, when we joined forces in 2009, we did so on a solid foundation that has enabled DayNine to become the leader in Workday expertise and service capabilities around the world. Our mutual commitment and continued investments in product and consultant training yield significant benefits for Workday and its customers every day.


Development Pedigree

DayNine worked extensively with Workday in the initial development of Workday’s HCM and Financials products. Since then, our ongoing participation in deployment, performance optimization and user experience studies has resulted in significant enhancements being brought to market. Most recently, we have been an active participant as a design partner for the new Workday Professional Services Automation solution, soon to be in production at DayNine.

Complex Uses

Driven by our deep knowledge, innovation and leadership with Workday products, we are regularly called upon by Workday and its customers to deploy and support the most intricate and mission-critical uses of Workday. No challenge is too great for our team. From the largest and most complex uses of Workday Payroll with daily runs and extensive residual payments, to configurations supporting many unions and seemingly endless integrations, there is very little we haven’t yet seen or done. In fact, even Workday turns to DayNine to regularly optimize and support its own use of Workday, which is dubbed “WoW” (Workday on Workday). This is great recognition of our expertise and capabilities.

Client-Side Experience

DayNine is one of the few partners in the Workday ecosystem to use Workday in-house as its HCM and Financial system of record. Demonstrating our commitment to the Workday products, prospective customers are regularly shown Workday in action supporting DayNine’s global operations. During our own deployment of Workday, we gained valuable perspective sitting on the consultant and client sides of the table simultaneously. We’re also an early adopter. Workday’s latest offerings, such as Big Data and Recruiting, were early deployments at DayNine, and Professional Services Automation is next.