Knowledge is Smart Business

Knowledge isn’t just “power” anymore. It’s smart business. Workday gives you the ability to make informed business decisions quickly and analyze trends to stay ahead of the curve. That incredible power starts with high-quality, comprehensive data. However, pulling data from multiple disparate systems, scrubbing it and loading it all into Workday can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

Advanced Data Services

DayNine Advanced Data Services drive automated data handling through standardized tools and processes. Automation with real-time data validation, programmatic tenant comparisons and other mechanized operations ensure consistency throughout the entire build process. It also frees up our consultants to spend more time teaching you how to leverage your data. Our services include data extraction from source systems, customized data translation, code-based deployment and more – all while remaining focused on end-to-end data quality. The result? The ability to tap into the power of Workday’s on-board analytics and reporting package to produce actionable knowledge at go-live.

Advanced Data Tools

Tools that drive automated data handling and conversion.

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