Strength through Simplicity

Workday is a powerful platform in its own right. It is independently strong. It doesn’t need any other system to function. It delivers incredible value all by itself. However, integrating Workday with existing third-party systems and data sources can dramatically increase Workday’s strength and value. These “platform integrations” can also reduce complexities – by streamlining processes and simplifying the way users interact with their data. Platform integrations require specialized knowledge and expertise.

Platform Integration Services

We take a unique approach to planning and delivering integrations. Unlike the common practice of creating standalone “connectors” or “adapters” as needed, we include integrations in the overall project methodology. Integrations are a key component of our design process. With this approach, we’re able to provide an inclusive design, enable a smooth deployment and reduce surprises.

Platform Integration Expertise

Our advanced integration consultants tackle unique and often complex platform integrations every day. These team members have the training and expertise necessary to design, build and support integrations linking Workday with other systems and data sources. They regularly leverage Workday’s packaged and supported integrations, and in nonstandard situations, they build custom integrations.

Did others tell you an integration can’t be done? We’re ready to show you it can!

Platform Integration Tools

Tools that simplify and streamline platform integrations.

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